English Grammar MCQs [Quiz 35]

Q1. Are there _____ trees and flowers in the garden?
A) a
B) some
C) any
D) *

Q2. There’s _____ electric cooker.
A) an
B) some
C) any
D) a

Q3. There are _____ good restaurants nearby.
A) a
B) any
C) some
D) *

Q4. Upstairs there’s _____ big bathroom.
A) some
B) a
C) an
D) any

Q5. Does the cottage have _____ dining room?
A) any
B) an
C) a
D) some

Q6. The village of the Kingmore has _____ post office and _____ shop.
A) some / a
B) some / any
C) a / a
D) an / a

Q7. Are there _____ good beaches near the cottage?
A) any
B) some
C) a
D) the

Q8. “_____ there any cups?” “Yes, ______ are.”
A) Are / there
B) There / is
C) This / is
D) Is / this

Q9. “Is _____ a television?” “Yes, there ____.”
A) this / are
B) there / is
C) this / is
D) that / is

Q10. There _____ any flowers.
A) are
B) is
C) aren’t
D) isn’t

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