English Grammar MCQs [Quiz 36]

Q1. It’s the best home _____ the world.
A) on
B) in
C) all
D) at

Q2. The front door is _____ the top of the steps.
A) on
B) at
C) in
D) by

Q3. There _____ a photo _____ the television.
A) are / on
B) is / in
C) is / on
D) are / in

Q4. There are two pictures _____ the wall.
A) at
B) on
C) of
D) in

Q5. The cinema is _____ the left.
A) in
B) at
C) off
D) on

Q6. _____ there a table? Yes, there _____.
A) Are / are
B) Is / is
C) Are / is
D) Is / are

Q7. There _____ an armchair.
A) any
B) is
C) are
D) some

Q8. “_____ there any photos?” “No, there _____.”
A) Are / aren’t
B) Is / isn’t
C) Is / aren’t
D) Are/isn’t

Q9. There _____ magazines under the table.
A) is
B) are
C) some
D) any

Q10. There _____ a post box in front of the chemist’s.
A) are
B) is
C) some
D) any

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