English Grammar MCQs [Quiz 41]

Q1. A: _____ languages can her aunt _____ ? B: 2 languages.
A) How many / speak
B) How much / speak
C) What / use
D) What / speak

Q2. A: _____ languages can Mrs. Brown speak? B: English & Irish.
A) How
B) What
C) Why
D) Where

Q3. A: _____ can you cook Italian food for us? B: On Friday evening.
A) What
B) When
C) What time
D) Why

Q4. A: _____ can my students come? B: At 3 in the afternoon.
A) What
B) Where
C) How
D) What time

Q5. A: _____ can Alison go skiing? B: On her winter holiday.
A) Where
B) Why
C) When
D) What

Q6. A: _____ Paul play rugby? B: No, he can’t. But he can _____ baseball.
A) Can / play
B) Can / plays
C) Does / play
D) Does / play

Q7. A: _____ can’t you come to the party? B: Because I have an exam tomorrow.
A) When
B) *
C) Why
D) What

Q8. Adam _____ ride a motorbike and he _____ drive a car.
A) can’t / can
B) can / can
C) can / is
D) can / can’t

Q9. Adam _____ use a computer, but he _____ program a computer.
A) is / isn’t
B) can / can
C) can / can’t
D) can’t / can’t

Q10. Flora _____ drive a car but she _____ ride a motorbike.
A) can / can’t
B) is / can’t
C) can’t / can’t
D) is / can

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