English Grammar MCQs [Quiz 49]

Q1. Millions of people _____ to London for her Funeral when he died.
A) come
B) coming
C) came
D) comes

Q2. Peter stayed _____ his grandmother _____ Christmas.
A) at / in
B) to / in
C) on / at
D) with/at

Q3. We arrived _____ the airport _____ New York _____ 5:45 am.
A) at / in / at
B) to / in / at
C) on / at / at
D) at / at / in

Q4. Speak _____ me in English. It’s good practice _____ us.
A) to / with
B) of / of
C) to / for
D) with / on

Q5. There’s a postman _____ a letter _____ you.
A) with / for
B) with / to
C) at / to
D) at / at

Q6. I often think _____ the day we met.
A) off
B) on
C) about
D) for

Q7. Tuncay Atakan is an English teacher. He _____ English.
A) teaching
B) like
C) teaches
D) study

Q8. ‘Was there anyone at the office yesterday?’ ‘ No, ______.’
A) they weren’t
B) there isn’t
C) there wasn’t
D) they didn’t

Q9. ‘Did she go to the cinema last night?’ ‘No, she ______.’
A) did
B) wasn’t
C) can’t
D) didn’t

Q10. ‘_____ they come by train?’ ‘No, they came by plane.’
A) Do
B) Does
C) Were
D) Did

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