English Grammar MCQs [Quiz 53]

Q1. I _____ him three months ago.
A) see
B) sees
C) saw
D) seen

Q2. We _____ in 1965.
A) met
B) meets
C) meet
D) meeting

Q3. Princess Diana _____ in 1997.
A) die
B) died
C) dies
D) dye

Q4. Alice _____ back from America last month.
A) come
B) came
C) comes
D) coming

Q5. Their son _____ born at 2 o’clock this morning.
A) were
B) is
C) was
D) are

Q6. I _____ have a shower yesterday evening.
A) don’t
B) didn’t
C) doesn’t
D) haven’t

Q7. I _____ the answer now.
A) know
B) known
C) knows
D) knew

Q8. I _____ bread this morning.
A) buy
B) bought
C) sell
D) buying

Q9. He was born _____ 1955.
A) on
B) at
C) of
D) in

Q10. 130 __________?
A) one hundred and thirty
B) one hundred and fifteen
C) one hundred and fifty
D) one hundred and thirteen

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