General Knowledge MCQs [Set 3]

21. The bridge in Istanbul, Turkey that connects Asia and Europe is called
(A) Golden Gate Bridge
(B) Akashi Kaikyo Bridge
(C) Bosphorus Bridge
(D) Royal Gorge Bridge

22. Alexandria is a city in
(A) Turkey
(B) Egypt
(C) Jordan
(D) Greece

23. About __________% of Antarctica is covered by ice.
(A) 97
(B) 98
(C) 99
(D) 100

24. Ross Island in the Ross Sea is located near
(A) Greenland
(B) Norway
(C) continent of Antarctica
(D) continent of Australia

25. The first European to reach India by sea was
(A) Christopher Columbus
(B) Marco Polo
(C) John Cabot
(D) Vasco da Gama

26. Vasco da Gama was a/an __________ explorer.
(A) British
(B) French
(C) German
(D) Portuguese

27. The World Wide Web was invented by
(A) Tim Berners-Lee
(B) Bob Kahn
(C) Steve Jobs
(D) Bill Gates

28. The birthplace of the World Wide Web was
(B) Pentagon
(D) Microsoft

29. The headquarter of the European Organization for Nuclear Research, called CERN, is located in
(A) Belgium
(B) Switzerland
(C) Germany
(D) England

30. The book “Emile” or “On Education” was written by
(A) Rousseau
(B) Socrates
(C) Plato
(D) Aristotle

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